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1)Kids in America (26th January 1981) :

(Directed by Brian Grant)


2)Chequered love (27th April 1981) :

(Directed by Brian Grant)


3)Cambodia (2nd November 1981) :

(Directed by Brian Grant)


4)View from a bridge (5th April 1982) :

(Directed by Brian Grant)


5)Child come away (4th October 1982) :

(Directed by Tony van den Ende)


6)Love Blonde (18th Kuly 1983) :

(Directed by Mike Mansfield)


7)Dancing in the dark (24th October 1983) :

(Directed by Tim Pope)


8)The second time (1st October 1984) :

(Directed by Tom Watkins)


9)The touch (26th November 1984) :


10)Rage to love (15th April 1985) :


11)Les nuits sans Kim Wilde (with Laurent Voulzy) (1st November 1985) :

(Directed by Bernard Malige)


12)Schoolgirl (8th June 1986) :

(Directed by Peter Cornish)


13)You keep me hangin’on (19th September 1986) :

(Directed by Greg Masuak)


14)It’s a Live-in world (The Anti Heroin Project)(1st October 1986):


15)Another step (closer to you) (16th March 1987) :

(Directed by Greg Masuak)


16)Let it be (Ferry Aid) (23rd March 1987) :


17)Say you really want me (20th July 1987) :

a)7″ version :

b)Extended Video Remix :

(Directed by Greg Masuak)
18)Rockin’around the Christmas tree (Mel & Kim) (23rd November 1987) :

(Directed by Geoff Posne)


19)Hey Mr Heartache (18th April 1988) :

(Directed by Brian Ward)


20)You came (4th July 1988) :

(Directed by Greg Masuak)


21)Never trust a stranger (19th September 1988) :

(Directed by Greg Masuak)


22)Four letter word (21st November 1988) :

(Directed by Michael Geoghegan)


23)Love in the natural way (20th February 1989) :

(Directed by Neil Thompson)


24)It’s here (26th March 1990) :

(Directed by Greg Masuak)


25)Can’t get enough (of your love) (2nd July 1990) :


26)Time (4th June 1990) :

(Directed by Greg Masuak)


27)Love is holy (21st April 1992) :

(Directed by Zanna)


28)Heart over mind (8th June 1992) :

(Directed by Howard Greenhalgh)


29)Who do you think you are (13th July 1992) :

(Directed by Greg Masuak)


30)Million miles away (1st November 1992) :

(Directed by Zowie Broach)


31)If I can’t have you (28th June 1993) :



32)In my life (25th October 1993) :


33)Kids in America’94 (2nd May 1994) :


34)Every woman knows (by Lulu) (14th November 1994) :


35)Breakin’ away (25th September 1995) :

(Directed by Phil Griffin)



36)This I swear (29th January 1996) :

(Directed by Daniela Federici)


37)Shame (30th September 1996) :

(Directed by Phil Griffin)


38)Born to be wild (14th October 2002) :


39)Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime (with Nena) (19th May 2003) :

(Directed by Marcus Sternberg)


40)You came (2006) :

a)(alternative video) (26th July 2006) :


b)Official Music Video (18th August 2006) :

(Directed by Phil Griffin)


41)Perfect girl (2006) :

a)Teaser Video (23rd October 2006) :

b)Official Music Video (17th November 2006) :

(Directed by Sandra Marschner)


42)Lights down low (13th August 2010) :


43)It’s alright (28th July 2011) :

(Directed by Nikolaj Georgiew)


44)Sleeping Satellite (3rd August 2011) :

(Directed by Nikolaj Georgiew)


45)Everytime I see you I go wild (with BEF) (15th July 2013) :

(Directed by Paul D)


46)Supertars (by Born Craig) (26th September 2013) :


47)White Winter Hymnal (11th November 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)



48)New life (18th November 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)



49)Rockin’around the Christmas tree (22nd November 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)



50)Have yourself a merry little Christmas (16th December 2013) :

(Directed by Ian Holmes)



51)Winter song (24th December 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


52)Song for Beryl (26th December 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)



53)Winter wonderland (13th December 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


54)Hope (26th November 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


55)One (6th December 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


56)Burn gold (silent night)(6th December 2013) :

(Directed by Kim Taylor)


57)Let it snow (20th December 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


58)Hey Mr Snowman (10th December 2013) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)



59)Keeping the dream alive (6th November 2015) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


60)Isobel’s dream (6th November 2015) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


61)Deck the halls (Angels sing)(6th November 2015)  :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


62)Last Christmas (6th November 2015) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)



63)FU Kristmas(with Lawnmower Deth) :


a)Fu Kristmas (Clean Mix) (1st December 2017) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


b)FU Kristmas (Sweary Mix) (with Lawnmower Deth) (17th December 2017) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


64)Pop don’t stop (2nd February 2018) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


65)Kandy Krush (16th March 2018) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)



a)Official video (28th June 2018) :

(Directed by Sean Vincent)


b)Birthday (Wilde Party Mix)  (28th June 2018) :


(Directed by Sean Vincent)

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