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Kim Wilde on TV (2012)


50 min inside (TF1) (Fr- Saturday 22nd December 2012) :


A French TV report about the Christmas tube serenade.

Red ! (Pro 7) (Ger- Thursday 20th December 2012) :


Fourth german report about the Christmas tube serenade.

Leute heute (ZDF) (Ger-Monday 17th December 2012) :


Third German TV report about the Christmas tube serenade.

My Vintage Video Collection (Vintage TV)(UK-Sunday 16th December 2012) :

Kim Wilde on TV (2012) vinta-300x240

The sensational Kim Wilde shows she knows more than the kids in America with secrets from her long career, spinning tunes from Michael Jackson, Sex Pistols, The Clash and many more.

Prominent (Vox) (Ger-Sunday 16th December 2012) :


Second German report about the Christmas tube serenade.

Exclusiv (RTL) (Ger- Sunday 16th December 2012) :


Exclusive report about the Christmas tube serenade including a part of the video for Kids in America.

Sunrise (channel 7) (Australia- Friday 15th December 2012) :


An Australian report entitled “80′s popstar serenades commuters” about the Christmas tube serenade :

YouTube Preview Image

Best of Musikladen (NDR) (Ger-Sunday 9th December 2012) :

The NDR German Tv channel brodcasted a Best of Musikladen including Cambodia originally peformed by Kim Wilde on Thursday 17th December 1981 :

YouTube Preview Image

ZDF Kultnacht (Ger-Sunday 25th November 2012) :

Some performances from the German TV show Disco were used for that programme, including Kids in America by Kim Wilde, originally brodcasted on Monday 18th May 1981 :

YouTube Preview Image

Quand la musique est bonne (TMC)(Fr-Wed 21st November 2012) :

In that special 80′s TV programme, an excerpt of Kids in America from Patrick Sabatier Show “Avis de recherche”, brodcasted on Monday 5th Ocotber 1981, is used :

Damals war’s (MDR)(Ger-Sunday 11th November 2012) :

An excerpt from German TV show Ein Kessel Buntes brodcasted on Saturday 18th July 1992 is shown :

YouTube Preview Image

Best of Kiwi 2012 (zdf)(Ger-Sunday 11th November 2012) :

Parts of kim’s performance of Kids in America for Fernsehgarten were shown and commented in that TV programme :

YouTube Preview Image

SWR1 Hit Parade (Hinter der Kulissen) (SWR BW)(Ger-Saturday 27th October 2012) :

Before performing at the SWR1 Hit Parade Finale, Kim Wilde was briefly interviewed backstage :

Guten abend Franken (Franken Fernsehen)(Ger-Tuesday 9th October 2012) :

The German regionnal Tv channel Franken Fernsehen brodcasted a report about Kim Wilde’s performance at the Erlangen Arcaden on Saturday 6th October 2012. Kim s interviewed before the show backstage and small parts of the first two songs View from a bridge & Chequered love are also shown :

FR3 Lorraine journal (FR3)(Fr-Saturday 6th October 2012) :

This FR3 French Lorraine regional news report features interviews of “the perfect fans” before the Amnéville show at the Seven Casino and parts of Kim Wilde’s live performance : Fr3 Lorraine Report

Shownieuws (SBS6)(Hol- Thursday 4th October 2012) :

This TV report includes parts of live performances of Kim Wilde at the Paradiso in Amsterdam on Wedneday 3rd October 2012. It also features an interview of Kim :

25 Jahre Bad (Vox) (Ger-Wednesday 12th October 2012) :

The German TV channel Vox brodcasted a special Michael Jackson about his album Bad which was released 25 years ago and at that occasion, Kim Wilde was interviewed about touring with him in 1988 on his Bad Tour :

YouTube Preview Image

Die Ultimative Chart Show (RTL) (Ger-Saturday 19th September 2012) :


Short report about You came position in the German charts including an interview of Kim about her career in the 80′s.

Vox prominent (Vox)(Ger-Thursday 6th September 2012) :


In that boulevard TV report about the reopening of a Cartier store in Hamburg, Kim is briefly interviewed, sings You came and finally drinks champagne !!

RTL Regional Magazine (RTL Regional)(Ger-Thursday 6th September 2012) :

Regional TV report brodcasted at the occasion of an opening of a Cartier store in Hamburg. Kim poses for photos, gives a brief interview and sings an accoustic version of You came with Scarlet and Ricky.

Fokusz (RTL Klub) (Hung-Friday 24th August 2012) :

a) Megérkeztek a világsztárok az RTL II színpadára :

In that first report, small parts of the video for Kids in America are shown and we can see Kim introducing herself to the TV channel and arriving at her hotel in Budapest as well as being interviewed :

b) UNIQUE Ízelíto a világsztárok slágereibo

In that second report, kim sings You came live on stage :

Beföld (RTL Klub)(Hung- Friday 24th August 2012) :

b) Vissza a 80-as évekbe !

In that second TV news report, we can see Kim and her band just before going on stage. Kim is also briefly interviewed :

a) Retro: Kezdődik a Unique fesztivál !

In that first TV news report, we can see Kim arriving with her manager Nick Boyles at her hotel in Budapest and signing autographs :

Frankenschau aktuell (BR) (Ger-Friday 10th August 2012) :

In that regionnal TV programme, a special report about the Radltour 2012 is shown including an interview of Kim Wilde and small live clips for Anywhere, anyplace, anytime and Cambodia :

YouTube Preview Image

WWF-Club (Einsfestival) (Ger-Thursday 9th August 2012) :

The German TV channel einsfestival brodcasted again a promo TV kim did on April 19th 1985 to promote the last single Rage to love released from her fourth studio album Teases & Dares.

YouTube Preview Image

Hamburg Journal (NDR)(Ger-Sunday 29th July 2012) :

In that NDR German TV channel report, a 50 year old Kim Wilde fan attends Kim’s concert in Hamburg and shows old photos of him with Kim. Parts of chequered love & View from a bridge can be seen and Kim is interviewed backstage :

YouTube Preview Image

P.I.T (ZDF Kultur) (Ger-Tuesday 19th June 2012) :

The German TV channel Zdf Kultur brodcasted again a programme from 7th July 1986 in which Kim Wilde sang “Schoolgirl” from her fith album “Another step” :

YouTube Preview Image

Hamburg journal (NDR) (Ger-Monday 18th June 2012) :


In that TV programme brodcasted by regional German TV channel NDR, we can see Kim Wilde doing some shoping in Hamburg. She visits a local shop and tries a few pairs of rock and roll shoes :

YouTube Preview Image

or here on NDR website : ShoppenmitKimWilde

ZDF Fernsehgarten (Ger-Sunday 17th June 2012) :


Kim Wilde appeared again in the ZDF German TV programme fernsehgarten and performed two songs It’s alright and Kids in America.

It’s alright :

YouTube Preview Image

Kids in America :

YouTube Preview Image

NDR Schleswig-Holstein (Ger-Saturday 9th June 2012) :

The German TV channel NDR-SH brodcasted a report about the Nordstedt music festival Schleswig-Holstein Tag featuring a little interview of Kim Wilde and part of a live clip of Chequered love.

YouTube Preview Image

Vorsicht Musik (ZDF Kultur) (Ger-Friday 11th May 2012) :

The German TV channel ZDF kultur brodcasted again that TV programme from 13th December 1983 in which Kim Wilde sang Child come away :

YouTube Preview Image

WWF-Club (Einsfestival) (Ger-Thursday 10th May 2012) :

The German TV channel Einsfestival brodcasted again a programme from 21st September 1984 in which Kim Wilde sang The second time from her fourth album Teases & dares :

YouTube Preview Image

La télé de A à Z (La deux)(Belg-Friday 6th April 2012) :

The Belgium TV channel La Deux brodcasted again an excerpt of a 1982 TV show called “Chansons à la carte” in which Kim Wilde performed Cambodia :

original show :

RTL Rxclusiv weekend (Ger-Sunday 1st April 2012) :

A shorter report of the interview brodcasted on the Monday before :

RTL Exclusiv (Ger-Monday 26th March 2012) :


This report brodcasted on German TV channel RTL features an interview of Kim recorded while her Snapshots & Greatest Hits Tour in Berlin at the Columbiahalle :

YouTube Preview Image

Swr Landesschau (SWR-BW) (Ger-Tuesday 13th March 2012) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed just before her Stuttgart concert at the TheaterHaus :

YouTube Preview Image

Swr Landesschau (SWR-RP) (Ger-Thursday 8th March 2012) :

Kim Wilde was interviewed backstage when she performed in Mainz on Wednesday 7th March. She welcomed Phil an American fan coming especially to see her from Los Angeles :

YouTube Preview Image

Gottschalk Live (ARD) (Ger-Wednesday 29th February 2012) :


Kim wilde appeared in that German TV programme presented by Thomas Gottschalk and was interviewed about her forthcoming Snapshots & Greatest Hits Tour :

Känguru (Einsfestival)(Ger-Saturday 25th February 2012) :

The German TV channel Einsfestival brodcasted again that TV programme from 31st January 1985 in which Kim sang The touch from her 1984 album Teases & dares :

YouTube Preview Image

Talkshowet Meyerheim (TV2 Charlie)(Dk-Wednesday 8th February 2012) :


Kim appeared in that Danish talkshow to promote Snapshots and sang two tracks from it :

To France :

YouTube Preview Image

Sleeping Satellite :

YouTube Preview Image

Moderne Klassikere (Kids in America) (DRK) (Dk-Tues 31st January 2012) :

That documentary about the recording for Kids in America was first shown on Swedish TV programme “Hitlatens Historia”

(SVT-Tuesday 24th January 2012) then in Denmark and can be watched here :

Sweedish version : hitlatens_historia

Danish version : Moderne-Klassikere

YouTube Preview Image

100% Mag (M6) (Fr-Wednesday 11th January 2012) :


The French TV channel M6 brodcasted a report tonight about Kim Wilde in her home similar to the one shown in previous show « Accès privé » :

YouTube Preview Image


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