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Kim Wilde on TV (2011)


Wilkommen 2012 (ZDF)(Germany-Saturday 31st December 2011) :

Kim Wilde on TV (2011)   wilkc-150x112wilkb-150x112wilkd-150x112

Kim Wilde appeared in this special New Year’s Eve show brodcasted on German TV channel ZDF to sing her two classic hits Cambodia & Kids in America. She was also supposed to perform Ever fallen in love but she never did :

Video killed the radio star (Sky Arts)(UK-Sund 18th December 2011) :

sky video 2011

In that UK TV programme brodcasted on Sky Arts, Kim Wilde talks about her own videos she recorded throughout her career. Brian Grant who directed her first 4 videos (Kids in America, Chequered love, Cambodia & View from a bridge) is also interviewed :

Ultimative Chart Show (RTL)(Germany-Frid 16th December 2011) :

After a report in which she is interviewed about her collaboration with Nena, Kim Wilde appeared in the Ultimative Chart Show on the German TV channel RTL to sing a medley of Anywhere, anyplace, anytime and They don’t know about us a cover from her last album Snapshots. After her performance, she is interviewed again about Nena and her new album.

YouTube Preview Image

Na sowas (ZDF-Kultur) (Germany-Sund 4th December 2011) :

The German TV channel ZDF-Kultur brodcasted again the Na sowas programme from 23 march 1985 in which Kim Wilde sang Rage to love with a giant picture of Teases & dares in the background :

YouTube Preview Image

Sky News (Sky News)(UK-Saturday 26th November 2011) :

quofestive tumblr

Kim Wilde joined Status Quo again this morning on the UK TV channel Sky News to promote the Quofestive Tour which will run from December 3rd to December 17th 2011 throughout the UK :

YouTube Preview Image

Snapshots TV spot (Black Pelican TV)(DK-Friday 25th November 2011) :

Danish TV spot for the release of Snapshots in Denmark on 28th november 2011 :

YouTube Preview Image

BBC Breakfast (BBC1) (Uk-Thursday 24th November 2011) :

Kim Wilde joined Status Quo and Roy Wood this morning for an interview on the BBC Breakfast show to promote the Quofestive Tour which starts in the UK on December 3rd. After a flashback on their respective careers, Kim confesses that she will open the show and sing some of her old hits as well as covers from her album Snapshots. Then, at the end of the show, she will join again with Status Quo & Roy Wood for the ultimate Christmas Party which will consist in singing Christmas songs all together. They will gather shortly to do a one day rehearsal for that :

YouTube Preview Image

WWF-Club (Einsfestival) (Germany- Thursd 24th November 2011) :

The German TV channel Einsfestival brodcasted again a programme from 1983 in which Kim Wilde sang Dancing in the dark from her third album Catch as catch can :

YouTube Preview Image

Thürigen journal (MDR) (Germany-Sund 20th November 2011) :

The regional MDR Thüringen German TV channel brodcasted a report about the Traümrock music festival in Erfurt. You can watch below parts of the performance for Cambodia and an interview of Kim about being in her 50′s :

YouTube Preview Image

Polonia 24 (TVP Polonia) (Poland-Mond 14th November 2011) :

The Polish TV channel TVP Polonia brodcasted tonight a report about Kim wilde promotional trip to Poland. We can see Kim in the dressing room, interviewed on the TV channel, signing autographs for a few fans, and then leaving the studios (around 20’05) : polonia-24

Kawa czy herbata ? (TVP1) (Poland-Sund 13th November 2011) :

Kim Wilde appeared in the breakfast TVP1 programme Kawa czy herbata for the promotion of Snapshots. After an interview, Kim was offered flowers by Polish fans and then sang Sleeping satellite.

YouTube Preview Image

The voice of Poland (TVP2) (Poland-Sat 12th November 2011) :

Kim sang Sleeping satellite and gave a little interview backstage in the red room :

YouTube Preview Image

Home & Garden(This morning) (ITV1) (UK-Thurs 10th November 2011) :

This thursday the UK ITV1 TV channel brodcasted a new series called Home & Garden (how does your garden grow ?) including a report about Kim Wilde in her own garden, see trailer here :

YouTube Preview Image

WWF-Club (Einsfestival) (Germany- Thurs 20th October 2011) :
The German TV channel Einsfestival brodcasted again a TV programme from 1983 in which Kim wilde sang Love blonde from her third album Catch as catch can :

YouTube Preview Image

Musik Convoy (Einsfestival) (Germany-Tues 20th September 2011) :

The German TV channel Einsfestival brodcasted again a TV programme from 1984 in which Kim Wilde appeared singing The second time from her fourth album Teases & dares :

YouTube Preview Image

Exclusiv weekend (RTL) & Prominent (Vox) (Germany-Sund 18th September 2011) :

YouTube Preview Image

Radio Berlin Interview (Radio Berlin 88.8)(Ger-Monday 29th August 2011) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed on that radio for the promotion of Snapshots then performed accoustic versions for Sleeping Satellite & wonderful life with her brother Ricky.

Franken Fernsehen Sat (Germany, Mon 29th August 2011) :

First shown on web tv, this interview for the promotion of the album Snapshots was shown later on Franken fernsehen sat :

YouTube Preview Image

Euromaxx (DW-TV) (Germany-Sat 27th August 2011)

Kim Wilde appeared again in the euromaxx TV programme to promote Snapshots. This report features an interview of Kim and is all the more interesting because you can see parts of the making of her two last videos Sleeping Satellite & It’s alright as well as a part of a recording session for Ever fallen in love :

YouTube Preview Image,,15292298,00.html

Fernsehgarten (ZDF) (Germany-Sun 28th August 2011) :
Kim was a special guest in Fernsegarten Tv programme brodcasted on ZDF. She first sang Sleeping Satellite and a medley of It’s alright/You keep me hangin’on/Kids in America. At the end of the programme kim sang one more time Sleeping satellite.

Sleeping satellite :

YouTube Preview Image

It’s alright/Keep me hangin’on/Kids in America :

YouTube Preview Image

SF Bi de Lüt (SF1) (Swiss- Sat 20th August 2011) :

Kim Wilde sang Sleeping Satellite and gave just after a little interview :

YouTube Preview Image

Snapshots TV spot (Sat 1)(Germany-Saturday 20th August 2012) :

First TV spot for Snapshots including Snapshots & Greatest Hits Tour 2012 Dates :

YouTube Preview Image

Glanz und gloria (SF1) (Swiss-Monday 22nd August 2011) :

A report was shown about Kim’s venue at the Swiss TV show Bi de Lüt as well as an interview in which she confesses having met DJ Bobo.

YouTube Preview Image Kim-Wilde-und-Stress-bei-SF-bi-de-Luet

SFR Interview (SFR) (France-Sunday 21st August 2011) :

A special web interview made for the promotion of Come Out & Play in France :

Tuttlingen concert report (Regio-tv) (Germany-Mon 25th July 2011) :

A nice report and interview of kim at the Tuttligen show by regio-tv (Friday 22nd July) : Die 80er sind zurück.

YouTube Preview Image

regio-tv.die 80′s sind zuruck

Aktuelle Stunde (WDR) (Germany- Monday 4th July 2011) :

Kim Wilde was interviewed by the German TV channel WDR when she performed in Bochum :

YouTube Preview Image

Retropop (RTV Drenthe)(Holland- Monday 20th June 2011) :

Kim was interviewed at the Retropop festival and live parts of Cambodia & Chequered love are shown :

YouTube Preview Image

Stadtreport (Puls4)(Austria- Saturday 14th May 2011) :

This short interview of Kim was released when she performed at Magic Life Club Antalya in Turkey. This also features a small live clip of The second time.

Watt’s in Interview (France-Wednesday 6th April 2011) :

An interview released in Paris when Kim came to promote her album Come Out & Play :

Fan Musik TV (France- Thursday 17th & Friday 18th March 2011) :

Fan Musik TV is a French internet TV channel which did that interview when Kim Wilde sang at La Cigale in Paris.

Announcement (17th March 2011) :

Report and Interview (18th March 2011) :

C’est à vous (France 5)(France- Thursday 17th March 2011) :

c a vous

YouTube Preview Image

Die ultimative chart show (Germany- Friday 11th March 2011) :

In that TV programme recorded a long time before it was brodcasted, Kim sings You keep me hangin’on. After an interview, she shows how to make a scarecrow.

Hamburg Journal (NDR) (Ger- 5th March 2011) :


Interview and  report recorded when Kim performed in Hamburg during her Come Out & Play Tour.

Accès privé (M6)(France- Saturday 26th February 2011) :

Kim Wilde is especially interviewed at her home in Hertfordshire and speaks about her career and passion for gardening.

YouTube Preview Image

BFMTV Report (France- Thursday 24th February 2011) :

One of the few French TNT TV interviews Kim did for the release of Come out & play.

Kult am Samstag (ZDF neo) (Ger-Monday 20th February 2012) :


This TV programme about the 80′s included an excerpt of Kim Wilde’s performance  of You keep me hangin’on from 1986 on Thomas Gottchalk TV show “Na Sowas”.

RBB Aktuel (Germany- Sunday 23rd January 2011) :

Kim Wilde is interviewed backstage at the occasion of her concert at the Tempodrom in Berlin.

Helden vom Morgen (Austria-Friday 7th January 2011) :



In that TV programme brodcasted by the Austrian TV channel ORF1, Kim Wilde appears as a sing coach.




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