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Kim Wilde on TV (2008)


Loose women (ITV1) (UK-Thursday 6th November 2008) :

In this women talkshow, Kim Wilde talked about the Here & Now tour which took place in May 2009. She wore a Poppy in the memory of the First world war soldiers who died during that world conflict :

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Landesschau (SWR-RP) (Ger-Friday 31st October 2008) :

Kim Wilde gave a concert on a boat sailing on the river Koblenz and was interviewed at this occasion :

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Heute (Sat1) (Ger-Monday 20th October 2008) :

Kim Wilde on TV (2008) kimsaba-300x204kimsabb-300x204kimsabc-300x204

TV News interview of Kim Wilde & Sabrina Winter at the occasion of one of Stereoblonde’s concert in Germany. The report also showed some parts of Sabrina & Kim singing Kids in America on stage together.

ITN News (ITV) (UK-Thursday 16th October 2008) :

Press conference in the Soho Revue Bar in London for the Here and Now Tour given by celebrities including Kim Wilde :

The Footy Show (Channel 9) (Australia-Thursday 25th September 2008) :

In that famous Australian football TV programme, Kim Wilde was interviewed and sang live versions of Kids in America and You keep me hangin’ on :

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Sopot Festival (TVN) (Poland-Sunday 24th August 2008) :

Kim Wilde already appeared in that Polish TV progrmme in 1988 and 1992. This year, she performed Kids in America, You came and You keep me hangin’ on :

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Benatska noc (Ocko TV)(Cz-Saturday 26th July 2008) :

Kim wilde performed for the first time in Czech republic and at the occasion was interviewed by Ocko TV Cahnnel which also brodcasted live performances for Chequered love & View from a bridge.

Kim Wilde’s Top 50 80′s Anthems (VH1) (UK-Saturday 12th July 2008) :  


On VH1 UK, Kim Wilde presented her favourite Top 50 80′s anthems.

Hampton Court Flower Show (BBC)(UK- Sunday 6th July 2008) :


Garden designed by children is the main topic of that gardening TV programme, in which Kim declared that for her, getting into gardening was very much about getting her children involved at a very young age.

Brussel Vandaag (TV Brussel) (Belgium-Thursday 3rd July 2008) :


In that Brussels local TV programme, Kim was interviewed before a concert and was told that the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest Belgium winner Sandra Kim (J’aime la vie) named herself in admiration of her.

Punkt 12 ( RTL) (Germany-Wednesday 2nd July 2008) :


Same report about Kim Wilde visiting Sabrina Winter in Berlin as the one showed in RTL explosiv but with additionnal scenes like Sabrina playing the guitare.

RTL Explosiv (RTL) (Germany-Monday 9th June 2008) :


Sabrina Winter, lead singer of Stereoblonde has been a fan of Kim Wilde before becoming friends with her she explains in that TV programme. Sabrina,who was the special guest on Kim Wilde’s Perfect Girl Tour, welcomed her in her Berlin flat.

Ready Steady cook (BBC1) (Uk-Monday 19th May 2008) :


In that BBC cooking TV programme, Kim declared that she liked being in the kitchen and her husband Hal was a very good chef…

Something for the weekend (BBC1) (UK-Sunday 18th May 2008) :


In this famous UK Saturday cooking TV programme, Kim Wilde talked about the “Dig your dinner” campaign and cooked a macaroni dish with chef Simon Rimmer.

Market kitchen (UKTV Food) (UK-Tuesday 22nd April 2008) :


In that food TV programme, Kim was interviewed about the “Seeds of change” campaign and she showed somes of the vegetables that could be grown from organic seeds.

Loose women (ITV1) (UK-Thursday 10th April 2008) :


Kim Wilde appered in this women talkshow to talk about organic seeds for the “Dig your dinner” campaign.

BBC Breakfast (BBC1) (UK-Wednesday 9th April 2008) :


A BBC breakfast interview to promote the “Dig you dinner” campaign which encourage people to use organic seeds.

Guilty pleasures (ITV1) (UK-Saturday 8th March 2008) :


In that TV programme, Kim made comments on a few tracks that she admited stick to her memories such as Staying alive by the Bee Gees :

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Art on Ice 2008 (SF1) (Switzerland-Saturday 9th February 2008) :

Kids in America :

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Chequered love :

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You keep me hangin’on :

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Rock & Pop Geschichten (EinsFestival) (Germany-Wednesday 30th January 2008) :

This 30 min Tv programme about Kim Wilde was filmed on November 11th 2007 in Bremen before the concert at the Aladin. Kim looked back on her career which started in 1981 with Kids in America. Parts of the Musikladen Tvs she recorded for promotion were shown and Kim told that she had good memories of the recording of those TV programmes…
part 1 :

YouTube Preview Image

part 2 :

YouTube Preview Image

part 3 :

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Diskoteka 80s (Russia-Tuesday 1st January 2008) :

Although Kim performed live version for You keep me hangin’on, You came and Cambodia in that 80′s concert in Moscow on November 2007, the TV broadcasted studio versions of those songs  :
You keep me hangin’on :

YouTube Preview Image

You came :

YouTube Preview Image

 Cambodia :

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