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Kim Wilde on TV (1989)

Kim Wilde on TV (1989)  kw1989-300x225

Top of the Pops (BBC1) (UK-Thursday 28th December 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed You keep me hangin’on in that special Top of the Pops review of the 80′s :

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San Remo Festival (RAI1)(Italy-Sunday 17th December 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed You came and was offered a bunch of flowers.

Noel Edmunds (UK-Saturday 9th December 1989) :


Kim Wilde was a guest on Noel Edmunds’ show. A candid camera joke which was filmed before the show, in which Kim had to take over a radio show while the host is away to the loo. Kim is finally rescued by Noel Edmunds, who turned up in a disguise :

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Top 50 – 5th Anniversary (Canal +)(Fr-Saturday 4th November 1989) :


At the occasion of the Top 50 5th Anniversary, Kim Wilde was interviewed in her Select Sound recording Studios in Knebworth about her career and collaboration with Laurent Voulzy by Yves Bigot and then performed an inedit song called World in perfect harmony during a recording session.

Top of the Pops  (BBC1) (UK-Thursday 23rd March 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Love in the natural way :

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Jim’ll fix it (BBC1) (UK-Saturday 18th March 1989) :


In this popular UK TV programme Jimmy Savile gave children a chance to get their wish fulfilled. The wish of Sarah Nuttall was to work in a beauty farm for a day and it was finally realised with the help of Kim Wilde. A report of Kim benefiting by a foot massage, a sauna and a make-up session by Sarah was brodcast. At the end of the show, Kim Wilde rewarded Sarah with a gold medal.

Comic Relief (BBC1) (UK-Friday 10th March 1989) :


During that Comic Relief Charity Programme, Kim Wilde was briefly interviewed while she was taking calls for fundraising and later appeared in a comedy sketch.

Daytime live  (BBC1) (UK-Thursday 9th March 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Love in the natural way and was interviewed. At the end of the show, Kim performed You came.

Motormouth (ITV)(UK-Saturday 4th March 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Love in the natural way and answered questions via the phone.

The Hippodrome show (ITV) (UK-Wednesday 1st March 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Love in the natural way.

De honymoon (TV2) (Norway-February 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Four letter word.

Extratour (NDR)(Ger-Thursday 23rd February 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Four letter word with a picture of her album Close in the background :

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Wogan (BBC1) (UK-Monday 20th February 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Love in the natural way :

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San Remo festival (RAI1) (Italy-Friday 17th February 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed You came and was presented with an Award.

Clothes show (BBC1) (UK-Sunday 5th February 1989) :


In that fashion magazine Kim Wilde was interviewed about clothes and posed for photos which were included in the next issue of the Clothes Show Magazine.

Action (Veronica) (NL-Saturday 21st January 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Four letter word.

Avis de recherche (Fr-Friday 20th January 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Never trust a stranger at this French TV Show presented by Patrick Sabatier.

Countdown  (Veronica)(NL-Wednesday 18th January 1989) :


Kim Wilde introduced herself, wished Countdown a happy 10th Anniversary and then performed Four letter word.

Star Test (Channel 4) (UK-Thursday 12th January 1989) :


part 1 :

YouTube Preview Image

part 2 :

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Top of the Pops (BBC1) (UK-Thursday 5th January 1989) :


Kim Wilde’s performance for Four letter word was brodcast again when it peaked at n°9 :

YouTube Preview Image

Eurotops   (UK-January 1989) :


Kim Wilde performed Four letter word dressed in three different ways :

YouTube Preview Image

Die grossen 10 (Austria-January 1989) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed and video clips for Never trust a stranger & Four letter word were shown.



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