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Kim Wilde on TV (1985)

Kim Wilde on TV (1985)  kw1985-300x232

Razzmatazz  (ITV) (UK-Tuesday 25th December 1985) :


In this special Christmas TV show, Kim Wilde was briefly interviewed about her plans for 1986.



Knight rider (NBC) (USA-Friday 29th November 1985) :

American TV serie with david Hasselhof in which part of the video for The Second time was played in one episode :

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Don’t break your heart (BBC) (UK-Thursday 10th October 1985) :


This UK TV  programme was a Health Education Council programme for the Heartbeat Wales Campaign, on the problem of heart disease in Wales and featured Kim Wilde explaining why she gave up smoking and how she ate in a healphy way.



Oz for Africa  (Australia-Saturday 13th July 1985) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed via satellite from the UK and asked to appeal to her fans to “dig deep” for the Ethiopian Hunger relief fund.



SOS Racisme  (Fr-Saturday 15th June 1985) :


Kim Wilde performed at a French concert against racism in Le Bourget. A report was brodcasted on French TV including an excerpt of Kim’s live performance for Suburbs of Moscow.




Jeu de la vérité  (TF1)(Fr-Friday 31st May 1985) :


Kim Wilde performed live The second time.

YouTube Preview Image



Countdown (Veronica)(NL-May 1985) :

Kim Wilde performed Rage to love.



Top of the Pops (BBC) (UK-Thursday 16th May 1985) :

Kim Wilde performed Rage to love :

YouTube Preview Image




Cote d’amour (TF1) (Fr-Thursday 2nd May 1985) :


Kim Wilde performed The Second time and Rage to love wearing a red jacket.




4C+ (Canal +)(Fr-April 1985) :


Kim Wilde participated at this Quiz French TV Show, presented by Alain Chabat and Marc Toesca, after her concer at the Zénith in Paris from her Rage to Rock Tour. The video for Rage to love was shown :

YouTube Preview Image




GMTV (ITV) (UK-April 1985)


Kim Wilde was interviewed about her new album Teases & Dares wearing a blue shirt.





Pop profile Music Box (UK-April 1985)


Kim Wilde was interviewed by Gary Davis about changes in her career, the new contract with MCA Records,etc. Part of the video for Rage to love is shown at the end of the interview.





No. 73   (UK-April 1985)


Kim Wilde performed Rage to love wearing a blue jacket and Suburbs of Moscow wearing a red one.




Unknown (UK -April 1985)


Kim Wilde performed Rage to love and was interviewed by a child.




Wide Awake Club  (ITV) (UK-April 1985)


In tha UK TV children programme, Kim Wilde was interviewed for the promotion of Rage to love and took part in an ice cream receipe.





Saturday Night Out   (BBC) (UK-Saturday 27th April 1985) :

Kim Wilde performed Rage to love on a stage. This TV show performance was brodcast in France in the A2 TV programme “Les enfants du Rock” in a special Top of the Pops.





Musikladen- Eurotops (Ger-Wednesday 24th April 1985) :


Kim Wilde performed Rage to love wearing a black jacket with a red collar.




WWF Club (WDR) (Ger-Friday 19th April 1985) :


Kim Wilde performed Rage to love wearing a white jacket :

YouTube Preview Image





Schulerexpress  (WDR) (Ger-Thursday 11th April 1985) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed backstage at the occasion of her Rage to Rock Tour in Germany. Parts of live performances for Rage to love and Blade runner were shown.

YouTube Preview Image




Extratour (ARD)(Ger-Thursday 4th April 1985) :


Kim Wilde performed Rage to love wearing a red jacket in front of a live audience.





Na sowas (ZDF)(Ger-Saturday 23rd March 1985) :

Kim Wilde performed Rage to love with the front cover of her album Teases & Dares in the background :

YouTube Preview Image





La belle vie (Fr-Sunday 17th February 1985) :


Kim Wilde performed The second time.

YouTube Preview Image




Kanguruh (ARD) (Ger-Thursday 31st January 1985) :


Kim Wilde was briefly interviewed by a kangourou and performed The touch :

YouTube Preview Image




Oxford Road Show  (UK-Friday 18th January 1985) :

Kim Wilde performed live Rage to love and interview other guests of the show including Glen Gregory from Heaven 17 and Dutch photographer and music video director Anton Corbijn.

YouTube Preview Image

Rage to love :

YouTube Preview Image





Countdown (Veronica) (NL-January 1985)


Kim Wilde was interviewed and performed The touch.



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