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Kim Wilde on TV (1984)

Kim Wilde on TV (1984)  kw1984-300x225

Top pop videos (UK- Tuesday 25th December 1984) :


Short message of Kim Wilde wishing the viewers a Merry Christmas.



Les visiteurs de Noël (TF1)(Fr-Tuesday 25th December 1984) :


In this French TV programme presented by Dorothée, Kim Wilde performed The second time walking down stairs.



Noel Edmonds’ Live Christmas Breakfast show (BBC1) (UK-Tuesday 25th December 1984) :


In That special edition of the Late Late Show presented by Noel Edmonds, Kim Wilde performed The touch.



Disco d’Or (TF1) (Fr-Friday 21st December 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed The second time.




Le journal du 7/9 (Canal +)(Fr-Thursday 20th December 1984) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed by the French journalist Michel Denisot about her career and new Teases & Dares album. The video clip for The second Time was shown at the end of the interview.

YouTube Preview Image



Saturday Superstore (BBC) (UK-Saturday 15th December 1984) :


In that Uk children television series presented by Radio 1 DJ Mike Read, Kim Wilde introduced her new video for The touch, then answered questions via the phone and launched a competition to win Kim Wilde pictures discs, records…




Breakfast time (UK-December 1984) :


In this morning TV programme her new video for The touch was shown and then Kim Wilde was interviewed.




The Old Grey Whistle Test (BBC2) (UK-Tuesday 11th December 1984) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed about her all time favourite songs.





Keikalle (Finland -Monday 10th December 1984) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed in English (with Finish subtitles) about her last album Teases & Dares and then made a self portrait.




Thommy’s Popshow (ZDF) (Ger-Saturday 8th December 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed Surbubs of Moscow and The second time in front of a live audience :

Surbubs of Moscow :

YouTube Preview Image

The second time :

YouTube Preview Image




Tous en scène (Canal +)(Fr-Saturday 8th December 1984) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed at her recording Select Sound Studios in Knebworth. We can also see Kim playing Fit it at the piano and recording Rage to love with the help of her brother Ricky. Those two tracks are included on Kim’s album Teases & Dares.

YouTube Preview Image





Pop panel (UK-November 1984) :


Kim Wilde appeared in that UK TV programme to make comments on new music videos.






Formule 1+1 (TF1) (Fr-Friday 30th November 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed The second time on the French military boat called Dupleix in Toulon :

YouTube Preview Image





La belle vie (TF1) (Fr-November 1984) :


Kim Wilde’s first appearance in this show presented by Sacha Distel. Kim performed The second time and was briefly interviewed .





Chewing Rock (RTL) (Belg-Saturday 17th November 1984) :


This Belgium Special TV programme featured a report about Kim Wilde’s career, an interview of her translated in French. At the end of that interview, Kim Wilde blew out candles of a birthday cake presented to her and performed Surbubs of Moscow.





Good Morning Britain (ITV) (UK-Saturday 17th November 1984) :


This morning UK TV programme inluded first a report about Kim Wilde in her recording Studios in Knebworth. Kim could be seen recording Is it over from her album Teases & dares and an interview of her dad Marty Wilde about his famous daughter. The second part of this programme showed Kim and her brother Ricky interviewed in the TV Studios about the importance of music in their lives.

YouTube Preview Image



Musik Convoy (Ger-Monday 12th November 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed The second time in front of a live audience with another solo performance of the same track brodcast in the background :

YouTube Preview Image





Journal 13h00 (TF1) (Fr-Friday 9th November 1984) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed by the french journalist Yves Mourousi about her new album Teases & dares. A part of the video for The second time is shown before the interview.




Wogan (BBC) (UK-Saturday 3rd November 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed The second time in a special outfit.

YouTube Preview Image




Chart Show  (RTL) (Ger-November 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed The second time.




Countdown 10th Anniversary (Australia-Saturday 27th October 1984) :


Brief appearance of Kim Wilde wishing Countdown Australia a happy 10th Birthday.




60 minutes (Australia- October 1984) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed about her change of image for the Teases & Dares album.




Les enfants du rock (FR2)(Fr-Saturday 27th October 1984) :


The first brodcasting in France of the video clip for The second time chosen as “le clip de la semaine” (video of the week).




Starship (UK-Saturday 20th October 1984) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed about her new single The second time, then the video for it was shown.




Top of the Pops (BBC) (UK-Thursday 11th October 1984) :

Kim Wilde performed The second time :

YouTube Preview Image




Good Morning Britain (ITV) (UK-Tuesday 16th October 1984) :


Kim was interviewed about her new single The second time and especially about her change of image in the video for it which was brodcast as well.




Bananas (Ger-Tuesday 2nd October 1984) :

Kim Wilde performed The second time :

YouTube Preview Image




WWF-Club (Ger-Friday 21st September 1984) :

Kim Wilde performed The second time in the sexy outfit used for the video :

YouTube Preview Image




Journal (TF1)(Fr-Friday 27thJuly 1984) :


Short report about Kim Wilde’s participation at the Festival of Elixir in Saint Pabu on 15th July 1984.




Passeport pour la forme (TF1)(Fr-5 July 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed Dancing in the dark on a beach next to a fire accompanied by her brother Ricky Wilde on keyboards :

YouTube Preview Image




Pop Quiz ( BBC) (UK-Saturday 26th May 1984) :

In that Pop Quiz TV game, Kim Wilde formed a team with Morrisey and Alvin Stardust to compete against another team including Nick Beggs (Kajagoogoo), Derek Forbes and Philip Lynott.

Part 1 :

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2 :

YouTube Preview Image




Cadence 3  (FR3)(Fr-Wednesday 2nd May 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed Dancing in the dark in this French charts Show :

YouTube Preview Image





Grande Première (FR3)(Fr-Tuesday 1st May 1984) :


Kim Wilde was one of the main guest of this regional Show. Kim was interviewed, played a little comedy sketch and performed Dancing in the dark, Love blonde and Cambodia.


Les vainqueurs (TF1)(FR-April 1984) :


In that French TV Show presented by Yves Mourousi about Anthony Delon, Kim Wilde performed Dancing in the dark and love blonde :

Dancing in the dark :

YouTube Preview Image

Love blonde :

YouTube Preview Image





Platine 45 (Fr-Wednesday 4th April 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed Dancing in the dark with her brother Ricky on keyboards.





Champions (TF1)(FR-Sunday 1st April 1984) :


Kim Wilde performed Dancing in the dark and then was interviewed sitting on a motorbike in spite of some technical translation problems :

YouTube Preview Image





22 V’la le Rock (TF1)(FR-Friday 9th March 1984) :


This music TV programme presented by Jean-Bernard Hebey was especially about kim Wilde. Video clips for Kids in America, View from a bridge, Chequered love, Dancing in the dark and Love blonde were brodcast that night.





Varietoscope (TF1)(Fr-Friday 2nd March 1984) :


Kim Wilde was the special guest of this Show for the whole week (from 2nd to 6th march) presented by Fabrice & Taka a robot. She was interviewed and performed each day a different song : Love blonde, Cambodia, Dancing in the dark, Cambodia and Kids in America.

Cambodia :

YouTube Preview Image

Dancing in the dark :

YouTube Preview Image





Popshop TV (NCRV) (NL-1st January 1984) :


In that Dutch TV Show, Kim Wilde performed The second time.


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