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Kim Wilde on TV (1983)

Kim Wilde on TV (1983) kw1983-300x225

Countdown Veronica (Netherlands-Sunday 25th December 1983) :

When Kim Wilde appeared in that Dutch TV programme to promote her single Love blonde last July, she recorded a special message to wish Dutch people a Happy Christmas which was brodcast on Christmas Day.


Thommy’s Popshow  (ZDF) (Germany-Saturday 17th December 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Love blonde & Dancing in the dark in the same clothes she wore on The Catch Tour in front of a live audience.

Love blonde :

YouTube Preview Image

Dancing in the dark :

YouTube Preview Image



News 10   (Finland-Sunday 11th December 1983) :

TV interview of Kim Wilde in English about her career, her recent live Tour with Finish subtitles.




Frack     (Finland- December 1983) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed about her musical influences and her promotional video clips.



Wogan (UK-Friday 2nd December 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Dancing in the dark.



Razzmatazz  ITV (UK-November 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed her single Dancing in the dark wearing a blue shirt, a black jacket and a black pair of trousers.



Eldorado (DR) (Denmark-Thursday 17th November 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed her single Dancing in the dark in front of a live audience :

YouTube Preview Image



Måndagsbörsen (Sweden-Monday 14th November 1983) :


During that Sweedish TV programme, Kim Wilde was interviewed by Jonas Hallberg. The video clip for Dancing in the dark is brodcast after the interview.




WWf-Club (Ger-Friday 4th November 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Dancing in the dark :

YouTube Preview Image




Champions  (TF1) (Fr- Sunday 23rd October 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Love Blonde, Cambodia and is interviewed about her forthcoming Catch as catch can Tour.



Cadence 3 (Fr3) (Fr-Wednesday 12th October 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Love blonde.

YouTube Preview Image



Jugendabend     ARD (Germany-October 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Dancing in the dark and was interviewed about fashion and especially was asked to commenyt on a young girl dressed like Boy George.



8 days a week Interview (UK- 5th October 1983) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed in that news TV programme about her recent experience as a judge in the “International battle of the pop  bands” TV programme.



International battle of the pop bands     BBC (UK-Friday 30th September 1983) :

TV coverage of the competition to find the best new pop band in Europe, from the Guildhall, Preston. Kim Wilde appeared in this TV show along with Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Paul Gambaccini, Carlene Carter and Tony Visconti to judge bands including The Sugar Rays Five, The Nits, Marc Seeberg, Broadcast, Mecano and The Days competing for the TDK trophy.



Countdown Interview (Australia-Friday 30th September 1983) :

countdownb coutdowna

Kim Wilde was interviewed by Countdown TV presenter Molly with the Love blonde video in the background :

YouTube Preview Image



Champs Elysées (A2)(Fr-Sunday 24th September 1983) :


Kim Wilde arrived to the studios walking with her group and later performed love blonde in her video black leather dress.



WWF-Club (Ger-Friday 16th September 1983) :

Kim Wilde performed Love blonde :

YouTube Preview Image




Bananas (Ger-Tuesday 6th September 1983) :


In that German comedy TV programme, Kim Wilde performed Love blonde :

YouTube Preview Image




Hot for dogs     (UK-Saturday 20th August 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed View from a bridge from Tower Bridge in London :

YouTube Preview Image




Top of the Pops (BBC) (UK-Thursday 18th August 1983) :



 Kim Wilde second performance for Love blonde on Top of the Pops. No more leather dress this time, Kim wore a white shirt and sunglasses :

YouTube Preview Image



Hold tight     (UK-Tuesday 16th August 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Love blonde outdoors on the grounds of Alton Towers wearing the black leather dress from the video :

YouTube Preview Image



Countdown Veronica (Netherlands-Sunday 31st July 1983) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed by Dutch TV Presenter Erik de Zwart  next to a pinball machine and then performed her last single Love blonde in the countdown studio.



Met Mike in zee     BRT (Belgium-July 1983) :


Kim Wilde was interviewed about her career and congratulated the TV presenter Dirk Nobus who made a nice painting of celebrities including one of herself before performing Love blonde.



Top of the Pops (BBC) (UK-Tuesday 19th July 1983) :

Kim Wilde’s first performance of Love blonde in that famous UK TV Show :

YouTube Preview Image




Razzmatazz (ITV) (UK-Tuesday 19th July 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Love blonde in the Razzmatazz Studios in front of a live audience.



Pop Quiz  BBC (UK-Saturday 25th June 1983) :


Kim Wilde appeared in that UK pop quiz TV Show in a team alongside with Jeffrey Daniels (Shalamar) and Francis Rosi (Status Quo). They competed against another team of celebrities including Bruce Foxton (The Jam), Gary Glitter and Dig Wayne (Joboxers).



Top of the Pops (BBC1)(UK-Thursday 5th May 1983) :


Kim Wilde was briefly interviewed.




Breakfast time  (UK-Thursday 7th April 1983) :


In that breakfast UK TV programme, Kim Wilde was interviewed about fashion and especially about clothes. Before the interview, a report showing Kim and her best friend Claire Smith shopping for second hand clothes in Carnaby Street (London) was brodcast.




The Children’s Royal Variety Performance (UK-Sunday 6th March 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Kids in America.



Le journal de Drevet (Fr-Saturday 19th February 1983) :


Kim wilde was interviewed by Patrice Drevet at the MIDEM Festival in Cannes. The report featured an interview and parts of her Cambodia live performance.




Cadence 3 (Fr- Tuesday 16th February 1983) :


Kim Wilde performed Child come away in this French charts TV show presented by Guy Lux.

YouTube Preview Image



The Brits (BBC)(UK-January 1983) :


Kim wilde received the Brit award for best female artist and the BBC brodcast a performance for Dancing in the dark.



Midem Festival (TF1) (FR- Monday 24th January 1983) :


Kim Wilde was rewarded at the MIDEM Festival in Cannes for her successful debut and especially French sales for Cambodia she performed just after Chequered love :

YouTube Preview Image




Video Cracks (Fr- Sunday 2nd January 1983) :


Kim performed Child come away and was interviewed by two children.

YouTube Preview Image





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