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Kim Wilde on TV (1982)

Kim Wilde on TV (1982)  jtlyon_001-300x229

First time out (BBC) (UK-Friday 31st December 1982) :


TV documentary about Kim Wilde first UK Tour in 1982 :

part 1 :

YouTube Preview Image

part 2 :

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part 3 :

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This is your life : Marty Wilde (BBC1) (UK-Wednesday 15th December 1982) :


Special UK TV Show about her dad Marty Wilde including Kim, her brother Ricky and her mother Joyce.



Atout coeur (TF1) (Fr-December 1982) :


In this TV Show presented by Patrick Sabatier, Kim Wilde performed Child come away.



Special Charlebois (TF1) (Fr- December 1982)


Kim Wilde performed Child come away.



Vorsicht Musik (ZDF)(Ger-Monday 13th December 1982) :


Kim Wilde performed Child come away :

YouTube Preview Image



Razzmatazz (ITV1) (UK-Sunday 12th November 1982) :


Kim performed Child come away on this popular UK TV show.



Musical Express Interview (TVE)(Spain-November 1982) :

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JT Alsace (fr3)(Fr-Friday 5th November 1982) :

Interview released by FR3 Alsace regionnal TV news when Kim Wilde performed in Strasbourg.




JT Lyon (Fr3)(Fr-Thursday 4th November 1982) :

Kim Wilde was interviewed by FR3 Lyon when she peformed at La Bourse du travail. She confessed knowing some music by the French singer Sacha Distel.




Saturday Show Star Panel (UK-Saturday 30th October 1982) :


Kim Wilde was one of the main guest in this children Show. She was interviewed and introduced her new  video for Child come away and pop music news.



Collaro Show (TF1) (Fr-October 1982) :


Kim Wilde did that promo TV just before performing live in France. She played in a comic sketch and performed View from a bridge.



Razzmatazz (ITV1) (UK-Tuesday 28th September 1982) :


Kim Wilde performed her current single View from a bridge.




Video Cracks (FR3)(Fr-Friday 17th September 1982) :


Kim Wilde was the main guest of that TV Show including an interview, performances for View from a bridge, Ego & Cambodia included on her album Select. Ego was never released as a single apart from an Australian promo 7″ copy.



Popcorn (Italy-June 1982) :


Kim Wilde performed Cambodia and then was briefly interviewed :

YouTube Preview Image




Tre per tre (RAI1) (Italy-Tuesday 1st June 1982) :


Kim Wilde sang Cambodia wearing a pair or jeans and a black shirt.




Bananas (ARD) (Ger-Tuesday 25th May 1982) :

Kim Wilde performed View from a bridge wearing the same black dress as in the promo video for it :

YouTube Preview Image




Formule 1+1 : Johnny Hallyday (TF1)(Fr-Friday 14th May 1982) :

Kim Wilde sang Elvis Presley’s Teddy bear as a duet with French singer Johnny Hallyday :

YouTube Preview Image




Transit (TF1)(Fr-Sunday 25th April 1982) :


Kim Wilde appeared in that French TV show just when Cambodia reached the top of the french charts and declared when she was interviewed that British music was the best in the world.



Top of the Pops (BBC2) (UK-Thursday 22nd April 1982) :

Kim performed View from a bridge wearing the same black dress and gloves as in the promo video for it :

YouTube Preview Image



Countdown (ABC) (Australia-Saturday 17th April 1982)

Funny early Australian interview of Kim Wilde who got confused by one of the questions by the TV presenter :

YouTube Preview Image



Musikladen (ARD) (Ger-Thursday 15th April 1982) :

Kim Wilde performed View from a bridge with the photo sleeve of the single as a background :

YouTube Preview Image



Toppop (AVRO) (NL-Tuesday 6th April 1982) :

Kim performed her current single released in Holland View from a bridge :

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Champs Elysées (A2)(Fr-Saturday 3rd April 1982) :

This is Kim Wilde first appearance in that famous French TV show presented by Michel Drucker. Kim performed Cambodia :

YouTube Preview Image




B&L commercial (Japan-Sunday 21st March 1982) :


Kim recorded an extra song Bitter is better for the Japanese advertising campaign of the softdrink B&L. The commercial features Kim singing the song and getting some refreshment from a glass of B&L and a shot from that commercial illustrated the photo sleeve for the single release in Japan. Bitter is better was included on the Japanese edition of Select :

YouTube Preview Image



WRock Interview (Australia-1982) :

Kim Wilde was interviewed for Australian TV in 1982 in a park; she talked about her influences and relationship with Australia, also included the promo video for “Kids in America” & “View from a bridge”.

Part 1 :

YouTube Preview Image

Part 2 :

YouTube Preview Image




Grey street (RAI1) (Italy-1982) :


Kim Wilde performed outside her current single Cambodia wearing a black coat and an orange scarf.



M&G (Switz-1982) :

In that Swiss TV, kim performed Cambodia with a background showing helicopters and soldiers :

YouTube Preview Image




Zoom (ARD)(Ger-1982) :


A short German TV interview of Kim Wilde followed by the promo video for her single View from a bridge.




Years ahead (UK-1982) :


In that special TV programme, Kim Wilde appeared with her two gramnnies who have collected various press clippings about her into a scrapbook. Kim confessed how important had been her relationship with her grannies from childhood to now :

YouTube Preview Image




Chansons à la carte (RTBF) (Belg-1982) :


Kim Wilde sang Cambodia in that Belgium TV show :

YouTube Preview Image




Discoring (RAI) (Italy-1982) :


Kim Wilde performed Cambodia in that discotheque look alike TV show wearing a black pair of trousers and a white Tee-shirt.

YouTube Preview Image



Rock and Pop Awards (Uk-1982)

Kim Wilde performed View from a bridge wearing a pair of black trousers and black leather jacket.



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